(Feb. 1, 2016)


Written By: Patrick Ocampo

On Tuesday January 19th, the Roxy Cabaret had its first ever "Nimbus Night" featuring The Mouths with special guests Opposite Shore and CoZy. This was the first instalment of a biweekly series of shows that Nimbus School of Recording and Media and Business Class Records (BCR) are hosting this year in collaboration with the Roxy.

Josie Patterson, who goes by the artist name "CoZy," opened up the evening with her quirky, soul-soothing ballads on the ukulele. The audience responded with awe and enthusiasm while taking in her sassy, witty lyrics. Her lyrical content was refreshing and empowering. CoZy's strikingly flawless voice blew everyone in the room away, rendering everyone speechless. The audience got a sneak peak at an unreleased song entitled Feel Me, a sultry, sexy ballad with a jazz-swing sort of feel to it. This song was also the one to be recorded during BCR's Demo Sessions taking place this month in the Nimbus Studios. BCR was excited to hear what would potentially be the official single release from BCR this season. Josie also showed off her rap skills at the end of her set with songs WWW and Get Used To Me

The band Opposite Shore took the stage after CoZy, showcasing their unique indie, psychedelic, desert-fusion rock sound. With songs like Short and Sweet and Sea Gal the band really got the crowd's attention. Opposite Shore also showcased a brand new song that has yet to be named, but man, was it catchy. 

the mouths.png

Ending the night was The Mouths, a four-piece alt-rock band. The Mouths' song, Bad Idea got an elderly man out of his seat and grooving unabashedly on the dance floor. These dance moves were temporarily documented on BCR's Snapchat (BizClassRecords), and permanently ingrained in our minds. The band finished the night with their 50's doo-woop-esque You Made Me Go Out of my Mind which got the rest of the room out of their seats.

Not bad for a Tuesday!

Overall, the premiere "Nimbus Night" at the Roxy was a great success. The Roxy was a great host venue, and we can't wait for Chapter II on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 2016...